A Blessing is something granted to a Cloki by an Elder. It's a status symbol to show how established a Cloki is in a community; earned after great feats or by being an active member of services.


     A Blessing is a Halo that a Cloki designs, or hires someone to design for them, that floats behind the Cloki's head. The floating crown can move around freely but must stay within five feet of the Cloki at all times. The Halo itself is made up of a magical glass that is warm to the touch. This glass can be shattered with magic, however, much like a broken horn, the shattered remains of the Halo will continue floating above the head of the Blessed Cloki.


     Only Elders may remove a Blessing as they are the only ones with the authority to do so, and who have a magical store powerful enough to break the binding magic between the Blessed and their Halo. This means that even if a Cloki is Tarnished or Blemished, they will still have their Halo. Some Blemished or Tarnished Clokies have tried to remove their Halo themselves, resulting in the breaking or shattering the Halo.

     Blessed Clokies are called Somim and are well-respected and often seen as nobles