Bouyâh (Steal Cat)

Bouyâh are small ferret-like creatures with an average height of 1-2 feet and varying lengths. They are very flexible; able to fit down and twist in tunnels that they create. Small paws featuring webbed toes and retractable claws to make digging easier. Their body is covered in long, thick fur leading down to their tail. This tail's base is thick and bushy, then slims out to be flat, normally with coloring on the under side of it.


This species have large, sensitive eyes, able to see in pitch darkness if need be. Large ears help them hear any upcoming predators. These ears have silky cloth hanging from them. This cloth ranges is shape and size. Domesticated Bouyâh often have their ear tassels designed with magic to look like their owner's wings.

There are normally three types of horn shapes that the Bouyâh have, however thanks to selective breeding there are some horns that look more unique than the others. The breeding also caused other mutations such as a squashed face, bob tail and hairless genes.


Bouyâh are mainly found around Wijotwudyivâ and make their homes under tree roots or burrowing into hollow trees. These frisky little things are known for stealing items from Clokies and tucking them away in a hoard. While shiny things end up being the victim of this theft, some Bouyâh prefer to collect other unique objects; such as paper, cloth, books, kits, and chinaware. Along with plenty of other oddities. Bouyâh are often kept as pets and love riding around on their Cloki's shoulders.


They make a variety of bird-like chirps and squawks. There is a myth about a clan of Bouyâh who are able to speak,l; where they stow away underground luring young kits to go down into their burrows and tricking them into becoming their servants.

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✦ DO NOT make a Bouyâh unless you have permission via a MYO slot. 

✦ Do not use any bases / species for adoptables or for profit. 

✦ These bases are ONLY for Bouyâh and NOT for any non-Bouyâh species.

✦ Do not remove the watermark from these bases. 

✦ Credit must be given if used. 

✦ You CAN take Bouyâh commissions on this bases. 

✦ Feel free to alter lines/edit as you like. ( However you cannot add new traits. Meaning you can edit the traits listed but you cannot edit them to the point you can no longer tell what the trait was and or you cannot add new traits. ) HOWEVER for these guys you CAN edit the ear tassels ( make them shorter longer, changes designs as long as they are silk!) The horns cannot be edited like this though.

✦ Do not sell the bases listed here, they are FREE.