Breeding Info

A breeding event is when two designs are used to make a new design based on the parents. Traits for the 'child' are picked via rolls: View the chances here. This is meant to be fun little customs. 

Please respect the owner's boundaries if they are not interested in forming relationships/stories around the breeding event or new Clokies that are born from it. 

You are allowed to keep your Clokies private and use them in the event yourself, or allow your friends to use your Clokies. When using a friend's Cloki, permission will have to be confirmed by a moderator. 

Clokies will be able to be used two times, not including if the Cloki's owner decides to use them. 

The events starts the  FEB 14th. And will end MAR 8th.


※ Chibi base:: ($30) - View Base (Unlimited Slots)
※ Mini Base:: ($50) - View Base (Unlimited slots)
※ Fullbody Off base:: ($150) (Limited Slots x3)
※ Chibi Base Centhi :: (10,000 Centhi) (Limited Slots x2) 

There will be no extras in this event. 

Payment must be upfront and 24 hours after I contact to confirm your submission. Once payment is sent I will create an 'egg' that shows off the colors/ an idea for the wing designs - If you do not like the egg I will offer 1 free re-do and the design from the last egg will be sold off via my discretion. The eggs will be done March 15th - and from there once the egg is approved I will work in order to hatch them ~!  

One's listed with (unlimited slots) means there is no limits on the slots , while ones with (limited slots) have a preset number I'm willing to take.

Public Lot

Clokies in the public lot have permission to the used for this event. However they are limited to (2) uses ( Unless it's the owner using them. ) It is First Come First Serve. If you have a user blocked and don't want them using your Cloki please inform a mod ASAP. 

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