The Language of Âthâwian
This  language is no longer active, and is considered  a dead language .


Natively known as: Âthâw /əˈθəw/

...and he stood holding his hat and turned his wet face to the wind...
œ zhi tebœk fivâ zhåj kudi œ thuwovithak zhåj åmi kœj yawoy kutath
Pronunciation: /œ ʒi tɛːˈbœk ˈfivə ʒɑdʒ ˈkydi œ θuwɔˈviθak ʒɑdʒ ˈɑmi kœdʒ jaˈwɔj kyˈtað/ 
Thâw word order: and he stood holding his hat and turned his wet face to the wind


Main word order: Subject-Verb-Object-Oblique. "Mary opened the door with a key" turns into Mary opened the door with a key.
Adjective order: Adjectives are positioned before the noun.
Adposition: prepositions

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