Credits || Owner, Art assets, Coding/website design, Language, character designs,lore +

Art credit::
[Character designs:: Mascot (Obe) , Shop keepers. ]
[Familiar Designs:: Bouyâh, Kâzha , Kivuth ]

[Assets used on site:: Bouyâh (base/image), Kâzha (base/image) , Kivuth (base/image), MYO Base, Feral Base Trait and Species sheet images, Logo.] || Co-Owner, Main writer, Assets, Character design, Lore || Co-Owner, Assets, Lore+

Art credit::

 used on site:: Shop keeper images, All three. Hybrid page image and design.] || Mod, Assets, Character design.

Art credit::
[Monster designs:: x2 (Bird/Dog Test names)]

[Character Designs:: Mail Man Cloki]
[Assets used on site:: Chibi on BOC page, Paintings on Locations page.] || Assets 

Art credit::
[Assets used on site:: Welcome image.] || Asset

Art credit::
[Assets used on site:: Image on 'how to get a Cloki' page.] || Assets 

Art credit::
[Assets used on site:: F.A.Q Chibi]

OTHER CREDIT || Host / This site was a lot easier to do with their builder. || Language. Thanks to this awesome program we were able to build a great unique language. || Map work

All art is used with permission or is made just for this site. Do not use any of the art here for your own use. 

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