Kâzha (Nightstalker)

Kâzha are raptor-like creatures that stand around 6-7 feet in height. Their feet are bird-like and thick to withstand all sorts of terrain. Their hind legs are powerful, letting them reach extreme speeds and keep up the pace. Their front paws are very weak and are only used for walking when at a leisurely pace; their main function is to grip. Their tail keeps them balanced and, like the rest of their body, it is covered in a mix of fur and feathers.

This species do not have eye organs; instead a set of horns sits in place of the orbital sockets. These horns may range in shape, style and color and continually grow throughout the beast's life. If domesticated, these horns may be cut, sanded down, smoothed or polished by their masters, but otherwise may grow unruly, even leading to the detriment of the beast later in life due to over-growth. In order to "see" their surroundings, they use their senses of hearing using echolocation, a bit of magic and their whiskers.

Ears are made of of soft cotton-like cloth, much like the Clokies' wings. Domesticated Kâzha ears are often decorated to their owner's wishes with magic. Kâzha are found in mostly warmer to hot climates. In the wild they are fierce predators who hunt at night in large, mostly female-run packs. Due to the stalking nature of their hunting habits, Clokies call them "nightstalker" in their native tongue. Most, though not all domesticated Kâzha (both pets and mounts) are females as the males tend to be highly aggressive and harder to break. . Kâzha are a very popular choice of mount for Clokies; once bonded to their Cloki they will become very protective and loving.

Traits and Anatomy

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