This area will list some fun facts as well as some commonly-used phrases and slang terms found in Cloki society. We will also provide a bit of lore to explain why Clokies name certain things the way they do.(edited)

Fun Facts:

- Clokies will often leave out the words 'of' and 'the' when naming a location. They prefer to use singular identifiers over plural. For example, places like ' THE Lake OF Fire ' is just ' Lake Fire' / ' Fuœ Hetwœfado '. There seems to be no reason to why they do this, but it confuses many outsiders trying to learn their language.

- Just like in other languages, Clokies will put two existing words together to create new words. Such as 'Frost Bite' pushing their words together to make 'Frostbite'.

Common Phrases/Slang:

Muthantälâf - " I love you. " - This version of I love you is commonly understood to be Romantic Love.

Fänœ - "Little one." - This is a term of fondness and endearment. Not as an insult.

Žudonsäzd - "My love." - Only used in a Romantic way.

Nukajâbi - "I hate you." - An insult used often as a term reserved for someone the Cloki truly dislikes.