✦ Who is Miki,Maki,Raffle king and Random boy?

These are all bots. We did not make these bots so if you have issues with them please do not bother the mods about it. We cannot fix them. If you have any questions we suggest you look up the bot info yourself.

✦ Who is Kit-mod and Zu?

Kit-mod is an account made by Kitpaii to keep track of Mod related things such as MYO appovals, questions and BOC related things. That way his main discord isn't bogged down.

Zu is an accout that posts spoilers,hints,story elements and more and is designed to keep people active in the discord server.

✦ Rules?

Go to #rules for a list of Rules. Please read them fully before posting.


✦ What are Fetes?

Fete's are Festivals that Clokies hold!
You can learn more about them here.
For you that means events with cool prizes to be had.

✦ Customs?

Customs from (Kitpaii) open every couple of months. Base price ($50).

✦ I have a pretty NSFW question... where can I ask it?

Contact Kitpaii/Sweetseapancake or ask in the NSFW-chat in the discord.

✦ Where the species sheet/info?

You can find it here.
Along with the trait sheet, here.

✦ How can I get permission to make a Cloki?

The only way to make a Cloki is to get a MYO slot. I (Kitpaii) do not hand out permission so please do not ask. Please do not make a Cloki without permission.

✦ How can I be a mod? Are there benefits?

● Right now Mod positions are closed! However we will post when they open up. The benefits of being a mod - ✦ Allowed to Guest design a Cloki each month. ( You get full [100%] profits from sale.)
✦ 10% off all Cloki official sales. ( By Kitpaii )
✦ When it comes to large events/fetes I will give you a MYO slot for helping out.

✦ Can I draw my OC as a Cloki?

We cannot stop you from drawing your characters as Clokies but please do not claim they are an official cloki unless you've used a MYO slot for it. We'd prefer if you keep such drawings to yourself (I.E. don't post them publicly anywhere.)

✦ How do I get a Blessed Cloki

There will be events to earn Halo slots. Other ways involve being active in the community, discord and so on. The Mods will hand out slots for a Halo. Kind of like a MYO slot. It cannot be sold/traded. However gifting is alright. If you don't use it then the slot will remain in your possession until you are ready to use it. If you want to use your Halo Slot, PM the group with links to the Halo design and the Cloki you wish to use it on for approval, along with the proof of the slot.

✦ Can I draw my Cloki in NSFW/Gore/Violent/drug use Art?

Yep, as long as it's not sexist or racist. Please make sure to upload any art that might be too much with a warning.


✦ I have a question about Cloki lore!

Make sure to see is it's been covered first before asking ~!

✦ Genders/Sex?

Clokies can be any gender/sex or no gender/sex at all. Clokies are magical and if wanted can change their sex at will. This is not an excuse to use slurs.

✦ Body types?

Clokies can be any body type! If you get an adopt from us and you wish to make it chubby or buff you are welcome to do so.

✦ Can Blessed Clokies be 'Tarnished'/'Blemished'?

Yes they can. Though they would have been blessed before they were infected. ( At least in canon)

✦ Markings/Colors?

Clokies come in a lot of colors and a wide range of markings.

✦ How old can I make my Cloki?

We cannot control how people age their Clokies. However, we always suggest that the Clokies with fully designed wings be labeled adults (800+). This is due to the lore that Clokies do not start decorating their wings until they have reached adulthood.

✦ Do I need to follow all this lore?

Nope~! However, do not pass off non-canon ideas as canon.

✦ What happens if a wing is cut off?

Essentially the cloth will decay; but rather than withering slowly like normal cloth breaks down, it decays at the rate that dead flesh would break down. With no oxygen flowing through the blood vessels, the cloth would begin to die almost instantly. If a wing has been cut off or removed, as long as magic is constantly being fed into it, the wing will remain preserved

✦ Genitalia ?

You can make them appear however you like.

✦ Who are the Elders?

A group of five powerful and old Clokies. They protect and rule over Âthâw. They are the only ones with knowlege and power to control portals and long ranged teleports. They are very strict with their rules and punishments.

✦ Who is the missing Elder?

The (6th) and missing elder, was the leader of the Elders before he went 'missing'.

✦ Can Clokies live on other planets?

Yep, and it's pretty common.

MYO Info

✦ When Are MYO's Available?

They open randomly - please watch the discord/DA group/Journals for openings.

✦ How much are slots?

$20 USD or 2000 DA points. No other currency is accepted.

✦ MYO traits, can I pay extra to get higher traits?

Currently all MYO slots are allowed unlimited common traits and (1) uncommon trait. Some MYO slots given in trades or Mod MYO slots have more traits allowed. Currently there is no way to buy a slot with rare/super rare/mutant or holiday traits. However 'trait upgrades' can be bought via the BOC.

✦ Edits?

Please refer to this guide for edits! -

✦ Can my MYO be tarnished/blemished/blessed

No, not unless I've offered those traits in a MYO. Blessings/Halos slots are on their own and separate from normal MYO's, since those are ONLY for the halo.

* Note that a Cloki MYO Slot with 'rare' as a trait still cannot be blemished. Even though Blemished is a rare trait we treat it as it's own unique thing and not normally allowed on MYO's at all.

✦ Is there a base I can use?

Yes there is, view it: here

✦ Ornaments? Wing patterns?

Clokies wings and ornaments are unlimited in how unique or odd they can look. They can have wings with different patterns from one another and Clokies will often use their favorite object or one they've custom made for their wings.

✦ How do I submit my MYO for approval?

Submit a note to the group with the subject line being ' MYO APPROVAL' - Link proof of slot (Invoice number/screenshot) + screenshot of a mod replying to your claim for a slot and if you have it a ID number. As well as link the MYO as well as the artist who did the art. ( or not if you made it yourself. ) If you don't wish to submit it that way you can submit it to my personal discord bananamilk#5698 . Please allow 3-4 Days for approvals. If we turn your design down for any reason we will tell you why so you can make the proper adjustments. Do not PM any of the mods for approvals. Do not PM Kitpaii on FA/DA for approvals.

✦ Can I upload my MYO even if it's not approved yet?

No. We ask that you only submit your MYO's once they've been approved by a mod. If you want to make sure your MYO looks good/will be approved please used the #MYO-WIP on the discord sever.

✦ What are the rules for MYO slots?

You can view them here.