Clokies have a wide range of styles that vary depending on location. Listed below are loose guidelines on how the basic fashion looks based on specific locations. A Cloki will often spice up their outfit or mix two styles from different places around their world. It's also not uncommon for certain larger cities to have their own mix of styles that sets them part from the smaller villages. It should also be noted that Clokies do not recognize gender as a limiter for their fashion. Clokies change sex at will, so any design can be used for any Cloki at any time; there are no gendered outfits.

In general, Clokies tend to wear blindfolds to help them through brighter parts of the day as their eyes are extremely sensitive to harsh lights. Some common features in clothing throughout the world include outfits that provide coverage of their necks, as well as sashes around the waist to provide some control to their clothes as most of their fashion is made of billowing fabrics.


Senaœmuu ::

    Much like the Marble City itself, the clothing here is strict and modest, but elegant in a way. A lot of open robes that reach up and cover the Cloki's neck. They will often wear long sleeves all year round, though some prefer to have their arms free. The blindfolds that usually adorn their faces are not flashy but rather simple looking. Colors of choice here seem to be gray-scaled with soft hints of blue in limited patterns. As this is a epicenter of concentrated magic, it is rare that a paw ever makes contact with the ground, and feet are typically left bare without coverage here. It is important to note that this fashion represents the natives of the Marble City. Being the Âthâwanian capital, there are visitors who bring their own fashion styles and colors to the city.

Jäthä ::

     The Clokies here dress in mostly loose and free-flowing clothing. The material breathes so they do not overheat in the desert sand. Footwear to protect paw pads from the burning sand is an important feature, but one where not much attention to detail is paid; the footwear is for safety and comfort but not typically decorated to be flashy. The styles vary a good bit here, from Clokies showing off midriffs to those who prefer covering up their bodies almost fully in loose robes. Being so near the desert mines, the inhabitants of this area like to show off their gold and gems. Colors of choice here tend to be in the warm color spectrum of the reds, oranges and yellows, with a wide range of simple yet stylized patterns on their clothing. Blindfolds are a Must for Clokies living here, but this simply provides them with more fabrics to decorate with their treasures, so they tend to have at least some sort of patterning or gems hanging from them.


Žiktchendlä ::

     Since it is the Capital of Beauty, or so the Clokies here like to think, their clothing takes the basic form of the fashion from the Marbled City and spices them up. Done away with are the dreary gray-scaled robes and instead vibrant blues and teals like the waterfall they roost on decorate the fashion here, with the flashy accompaniment of detailed patterns . They also wear more jewelry and like to stand out as much as possible in a crowd showing off magical gems that serve a purpose, as well as hand crafted stones that only exist to be gaudy. Fish imagery is fairly typical and represents a fun challenge to craft the most elaborate and flashy ornaments in order to one-up a rival fashionista. The blindfolds of this location tend to be over-the-top and elegantly designed


Uälakafelth ::

     The Cloki adventurer who founded the city and opened the college here traveled to many worlds, soaking up cultures and histories like a sponge. One land that he stayed in for a long period before returning, helped inspire him on the building's structures, as well as the fashion. Robes with thick sashes around the waist, rope details and plenty of ornate, unique patterns. Colors of the fashion have the greatest variety as many Clokies come here from all over Âthâw to attend the College, and like to personalize their robes with flora and fauna unique to their homelands. The Clokies here tend to wear some form of protective foot gear, since they must walk along bridges of natural wood which can rough up their paw pads. It's part of the College's rules to limit certain magic use so that the students are not drained when classes start; this includes the instinctive magic of levitating about instead of walking. A unique feature of this location is that the heavy tree coverage blocks out much of the harsh sunlight, despite being far enough from the poles that the land still experiences daylight for several hours. Some Clokies do not wear blindfolds here as there is no physical necessity to, while some still do for personal comfort or stylish reasons.

Suzehub ::

     Since the Cloki here focus on manual labor and craftsmanship, the fashion is heartier. Leathers, thick cotton pants, protective foot gear is a must for them since they do not float very often or use much magic. Steel pieces often find representation in the fashion here, firmly sewn into their chest plates; however any dangly jewelry would represent a work hazard and are expressly forbidden. Typical colors of the region tend to be deep browns and muted, dark colors over all. Blindfolds are simple and often just solid-color wraps of cloth around the face. They will usually sport some form of protective glove wear as well , protecting their hands from potential damage from their hard work. Here, you don't show your style by fashion but rather battle scars too gnarly to heal away with magic.