The Fete of Awakening is the longest Cloki Fete. It is held each year to celebrate the coming of Spring and the energy given to Clokies thanks to the plants and flowers. During this time, Clokies plant and decorate using a huge assortment of flowers and colorful plants. Clokies trying to court one another will often exchange some of these colorful flowers during this Fete. Many forms of sweets such as pies and other fruit-filled pastries are popular dishes during this holiday.

2020 Fete Of Awakening Events::

Egghunt + Joke:: This year will feature our lovely mascot Joke running an egg trading business. When you find and collect eggs they can be traded back to Joke ( May 7th ) for prizes and more. Prizes include MYO slots, designs ( Pre-made ) , YCH's , Upgrades , and so much more. The Shop will be up and running around ( April 10th ) or so , so you can look at prices a head of time. Until than keep looking out for eggs~! They might be anywhere and...everywhere. 

Pre-Made Raffle:: An On-Base Pre-made Cloki Hybrid raffle  , including chances for MYO slots.

   INFO: ( You will need to be a member of Clokies DA group or Discord group to be entered. ) 

  • Earn extra entries for the raffle by drawing the Cloki. (Any art level acceptable. However please put some effort into the art. Even if it's a simple sketch, just no stick figures. Art must look like the Cloki.)

  • Earn extra entries by spreading the word.

  • If we get 150+ Entries into the raffle we'll raffle off two Cloki Myo slots along side it. Along with adding extra art to the design. 

Puzzle Events:: An event where users will attempt to solve a puzzle leading to a prize at the end, the first user to solve it will get a special prize.

Streams:: Kitpaii will be streaming randomly throughout the Fete and giving away free Cloki art as well as other goodies during them!

Fairy Gifts:: In the discord server we will also be holding raffle art/familiars and more! So be sure to join our discord if you haven't already.

Along with many more events packed into the extra long event.