A celebration that spans ten days that focuses on the ending of the warm season and transitions into the beginning of the colder season. Since this is the time when plant and animal life tends to die out some, this Fete is known as the Fete of Decay. During this time Clokies often wear masks made of porcelain; decorated as monsters from legends or as animals they share a bond with. It is tradition for these masks to be hand-crafted and not made with the aid of magic. As such, Clokies with the skill to craft such items will open up shops in larger towns and cities to sell their wares. Candies and sweets are a common consumption during this time. Clokies young and old take to gathering in groups to recall scary stories, mostly exaggerated fishing tales. There are those, however, who have expressed tales of the utter horror of the creatures that reside in the Northeast.... Stories they dare not say outside of the Holiday for fear they would be labelled insane….

2019 Fete Of Decay Events::

This year the Fete will not include a contest but instead more puzzles, raffles and other activities.

We will have a Roleplay game of 'Killer Escape' on Sunday the 27th. Make sure you join the Banana Milk RP server to fill out a stat sheet and play a thrilling game with prizes awaiting you. 

To enjoy the full benefits of this Cloki holiday you must be a part of our server as puzzle hints and raffles will be held there. You can join from this link: