Clokies celebrate the coming of winter via the Fete of Frost. At this time of year they gather in homes and community spaces to sing songs of old and eat sweet and savory meals. Overall enjoying one another's company. They will give gifts to loved ones and even to strangers. Every Cloki tries to do their best on this Holiday to gift joy and happiness to those around them. A common practice is giving another Cloki a small magical crystal full of a day’s worth of magic energy storage for them to use, or small nick nacks from other words much larger than their own. Even Clokies who prefer to spend their time off their homeworld of Athaw will often come home for this Holiday to commune with friends and family. Some Clokies who often mingle with Roseilorns will adapt their traditions of masks and make them for the holidays, not only to wear but to gift. 

Roseilorn typically spend the end of the year celebrating life, family, and courtship. These celebrations involve feasts, parties, and plenty of drinks. Many Roseilorn will don festive masks until the New Year. These masks have become common gifts, though many Roseilorn have also adopted gifting other goods, such a magical items, pets, and sometimes even smuggled items from other worlds. Most Roseilorn are not familiar with cold winter climates unless they live in the upper sectors or in one of the outer towns, but over the ages, they have adopted some curious winter imagery from their Cloki brethren.


For every (1) piece of fan art/gift art, the artist will receive a bonus 100 Cen/Bloom added to the normal 50 Cen/Bloom awarded for gift pieces. Pieces Must have effort put into them. The Minimum requirement for this bonus to count would be a colored sketch piece for art and a Minimum of 1000 words for written gifts.


Prizes can be claimed beginning Jan 1st 2019 up until Jan 7th allowing everyone 1 Full Week this is to ensure has enough time to claim their prizes. Claim your prizes by submitting them on the forums under the [PRIZE CLAIM] Area. For proof we’ll need you to send us all the gifts you drew or wrote during the event time. Anything made after Jan 1st will Not be accepted. ( This does not mean sending them to the BOC/BOR you will need to send them separately. Please do not mass upload to the BOC/BOR. )


* You must have a BOC/BOR account to participate in this event!

* Raffle tickets can only be used once; they can be used in free raffles or paid raffles where if you win you would need to purchase the adopt. These new raffle tickets will be tracked on the forums, and are good for any Fairy Garden raffle.

* Read about Cloki Items here:: ITEMS  Read about Roseilorn items here:: ITEMS 

* In prize claim you will be able to state what items you want from each tier. Please keep that in mind so you can keep track of your progress!


Tiers can only be met once (meaning if you reach tier 2, that does not mean that tier 1 doubles up awards, you simply get both Tier 1 And Tier 2’s list of rewards)



TIER 1:  At least (1) gifts given

- 100 extra Cen/Bloom

- Raffle ticket(x1) (Can only be used once)


TIER 2: At least (5) gifts given

- 300 extra Cen/Bloom

- Raffle ticket(x1) ( Can only be used once)

- Halo Slot (x1)


TIER 3: At least (10) gifts given

- 600 Extra Cen/Bloom

- Raffle ticket (x1)(Can only be used once)

- Random Item (Roseilorn or Cloki)


TIER 4: At least (15) gifts given

- 700 Extra Cen/Bloom

- Random Item ( Rosilorn or Cloki ) 
- Entered into the a special design raffle on Jan 1st.

TIER 5: At Least (20) gifts given

- 1000 Extra Cen/Bloom

- Raffle ticket (x1)(Can only be used once)

- Entered again into the design raffle on Jan 1st. 
- Gets to pick smol egg? Smol egg MYO... smol...egg or bloom - smol. 


TIER 6: At Least (30+) gifts given

- 1500 Extra Cen/Bloom

- Raffle ticket (x1)(Can only be used once)
- Entered into a [ Extra ] special design raffle on Jan 1st.  As well as entered for a [3rd] time for the design raffle. 
- Smol egg but now with better traits. 

INFO:: SMOL EGG/BLOOM is a list of random designs by Neoukan and Tetsumiro where you can pick an 'egg' or 'bloom' and make the design based on the egg/bloom. You will not be able to change the design much so pick wisely. You will be able to change small marking / color details as you see fit as well as pick the eye/hair color. You are welcome to commission someone to draw out the design or do it yourself. Blooms must be Rosilorns and Eggs must be Clokies unless you hit the last tier. You only get to pick [1] Design. Hitting the last tier does not give you another design it just upgrades the design. All finished designs must be turned into prize claim when finished! You can take as long as you like to draw out the design, and you are welcome to upload the egg or bloom to TH. 


TIER: 6 TRAITS :: HYBRID ( Cloki/Rosilorn ONLY ) 

You will be able to view all the designs before the end of the event~. Any leftover eggs/blooms will be raffled/sold off.