Because Clokies are a Closed Species this means you cannot create your own.

However there are plenty of ways to get a Cloki! 


   Adopts will be posted randomly by the owners. Prices vary depending on time taken on the design and traits!


   Kitpaii opens customs randomly. Prices start at $50. - Normally customs are monthly.


   Every month or so there will be raffles, either on Discord or the DA group keep a look out!


   Just like any species or adopt you are allowed to trade the design around so this is also a way to nab a Cloki!  


   Myo (Make your own) are opened randomly. We will announce openings for them before they happen. MYO's are $20 USD or 2000 points. We might also host flash events.


   The BOC is a way to earn 'Centhi' The Cloki currency. If you earn enough you can buy a MYO slot or even a custom.


Breeding Event

   Breeding event's happen once a year. There might be a limit to slots. Read more about the breeding event here.

What about? -

What if I don't use paypal?

   Point adopts, Raffles, trades, casino,gifts and the BOC.

I don't want to spend any money..

   Raffles, trades, casino, gifts and the BOC.

Will there be any other ways to get Clokies?

   We are working on other ways, but currently no. Clokies might be offered up as rewards for Fete's!


   FTO ( First time Owner ) We host these adopts, raffles etc.. randomly as we feel the need too.