Cloki hybrids are the result of a Cloki and another mythical being using their magic to help form a new life. Hybrids can only happen as the result of a Cloki x someone who has a great magical presence. Hybrids are shunned by most other Clokies and viewed as abominations by the Elders. Because of this, most hybrids do not travel to, or live on Athaw. When a hybrid is created, the offspring with take traits from both parents. For example, a Cloki mixed with a dragon would show signs of being part dragon; scales, a dragon tail, ears maybe even dragon-like feet. However, all hybrids keep their cloth wings, whiskers and general shape.

Out of lore: Clokies can only be hybrids with magical beings/animals and CS only. This is a Special Trait that I will only do adoptables a few times a year. MYO slots are only given out as a trade or a gift given by the owners. These Cloki have no hard rules for which traits can be used or not. But still cannot use Colored ink or unique traits.

To make a full hybrid the design must feel the part of being hybrid, changing the tail or feet will not be enough.


Roseilorns And Clokies

The first interaction between the Roseilorn and Cloki species occurred during a great migration led by Saint Roseil. She fled the origin territory of the Roseilorn, taking as many followers as possible with her. Many were lost over time; straggling due to weakened strength or illness, while others fell behind to stay with their failing comrades. Some of these bands of Roseilorn were taken in by wandering Clokies, who were sympathetic to their plight and took them back to their home world of Athaw.

During Athaw's First Age, the High Elder welcomed all forms of life onto the planet, any refuges were welcomed with open arms. During this time it was clear that Clokies and Roseilorns had a great deal in common, both in terms of biology and magic abilities. These similarities and the bonds forged by members of the two species made it easy for them to have hybrid offspring. These children were also welcomed in the First Age, even able to earn Halos from the Elders if they chose to pursue the lifestyle of philanthropy around Athaw.

However as the First Age drew to its end, with the loss of the first High Elder, the Roseilorn became a 'lower class' than the Clokies. This was in accordance to the philosophies of the new High Elder. He took it upon himself to rid any remaining Roseilorn or Hybrid offspring to be stripped of any higher-class rights, titles and positions of power they or their ancestors may have earned during their lifetimes on Athaw. While some Roseilorn or Hybrids managed to go into hiding and managed to keep their Halos, others who could not flee in time were stripped of those as well.

The Roseilorns and Hybrid offspring were however granted the permission to stay on the planet. All other non-native species that had previously been welcomed to the planet were cast out, and the majority of the planet was sealed off from outside influence. With the exception of a single port in which a very strict and heavily monitored trading post is permitted to conduct business, all other outside influence is banned on Athaw.

As it stands in the Second Age, while some Rosilorns still live on Athaw in a state of tension-filled peace with most Clokies, the Hybrids are often shunned and mocked; seen as lesser beings. While this is not always the case it is an unfortunate truth of the current political climate for most of the planet

Due to this, Roseilorn and Cloki hybrids are more common than any other type of hybrid to date.