Plural: Clokies ( With an 'ies' at the end ) - A group of Clokies: A Flutter

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Clokies are magical creatures that inhabit many planets, times, and spaces. They normally use their magic to produce miracles for others and are therefore typically seen as helpful. Clokies are also akin to fairies. They often find themselves working with governments, scholars, and other magic users due to their magical prowess and knowledge. Clokies are omnivores and eat a wide range of foods but enjoy foods high in sugar. 

Clokies have a vulpine or feline-like appearance with small feline noses. They have whiskers that range from very short to fairly long. Their ears vary in size but not in overall shape. Staying thick at the base and thin to soft feathering on the tips of their ears. 

Their ears will either sport fluff, or cloth-like material similar to their wings. They can appear in many sizes and are often seen in a smaller size like their fairy kin. Average height is the same as a human, though some can be taller or shorter. All Clokies have claws on their feet and hands, along with paws. In some cases Clokies will not have claws due to a small mutation, same with missing whiskers or paw pads. 










Goo / Mixed Textures

Two Wings

Four Wings

Six Wings

Wings are made up of cloth-like magical skin that grows naturally and feels either silky to the touch or cotton-like. In rare cases they can be a wool-like texture, or even more rare mixed texture. Mix textured wings have more than one cloth type in their wings. Normally Clokies are born with two wings, but in rare cases can have up to six. Damage to the cloth will appear as if you damaged a normal cloth-like material (frays, loose strings and so on.) However, they will still bleed a little if damaged as their wings are naturally part of their body and have tiny blood vessels.  Wings can be decorated as the Cloki grows older; they use their magic to add charms, cuts, and other customization to their wings. This process is still a little painful for them. Runes and other writing on their wings are added by themselves and normally serve as a cheat sheet for magical spells or other useful knowledge. Wings can be tied in knots with little to no pain.  






Pendants are the cloth that grow from Clokies ears. Not all Clokies feature pendants but they can come in a wide range of sizes. Clokies will cut and customize their pendants just like their wings. The Pendents grow from the inside of their ears and not the backside of their ears. The fluff that can grow ranges in length and thickness. It grows on the under part ( ear lobe ) of their ears. Their ears can move up and down around 150°. Their ears come in all sorts of sizes and styles. 



Extra Long

Fox Like


Thin Feline

Extra Long

Multiple/Other tail type

Typically, their tails appear vulpine, or feline like. They can range in shape and size, though extra long and bob tails are uncommon. A mutant gene can occur and split the tails, or cause them to be another shape entirely.


Silky Mist








Crystal horns are commonplace while antlers normally only manifest on Clokies with great magical skill. The horns are used to store up energy over time for larger spells.  If cracking occurs, the crystal will begin to bleed magic. Cracking can happen if too much force is applied to the horn, or if the user uses too much of their magic. There is no known cure for this and it tends to be painful for the Cloki. In some cases, crystals can shatter and float around the Clokies head. These can be removed via magic.

 Clokies eyes are light-sensitive. While they can open and use their eyes, they mainly do so at night or twilight as opening them in daylight is painful. Clokies utilize their wings as feelers in order to see while in bright areas, and will also use magic to help them “see”. Some will wear masks to cover their eyes from the sun if needed. Although their eyes are normally shut, they aren’t necessarily blind or unable to open them. Pupils can appear as slits, sideways or round. In rare cases there will be no pupil or oddly shaped ones. Only Tarnished and Blemished Clokies have black sclera. Clokies who are Tarnished or blemished also have better eyes and most are able to open them in bright places with no pain. 

Certain Clokies will inherit unique and odd traits, mutations that differ from the norm of their kind. Some will be mutated thanks to their Blemishing/Tarnishing while others will come by their features naturally. Even rarer some will be the direct response to a Cloki partnering with another species outside of its own kind ( IE Hybrid ).



Multiple Eyes

Feather/Leather Wings


There are some things that naturally occur to Clokies, that are not considered traits at all. Extra fluff that is grown out during the winter seasons, different pupil shapes due to magic, larger ears for hotter regions, just to name a few.

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