✦𝓜œ𝔃𝓪𝓴𝓲 𝓤𝓴𝓲✦

Welcome to Mœzaki Uki (Killer Escape)! An rpg based on games like Mafia and Rabbit Doubt. In our version of this game, Clokies will be trapped inside a place; dungeon, or building, having no idea how they got there and more importantly, why they can not use of their magic... They will wake up to find that there is a murderer among them and now need to either escape this maze, or find the killer out before they wind up the next victim. The killer among them will use their wits, traps and other tricks to kill off the rest of the group before they have a chance to escape or find out the identity of the killer.

The Killer (‘Mœzak’) will be in contact with the DM of that session and will be working with them to help direct where traps are placed, how certain layouts will be  set up and more. The Mœzak’s identity will be secret (even OOC) to help the game be fair on all accounts. The current Mœzak will be picked a day before the event at random to help them prepare.If you want to play, please note that at any point in time if you sign up for a session you might become the Mœzak.


This game is to help RP Clokies in a short term and is always meant as non-canon (or if you like a sort of groundhog day canon instead.) So please do not take any of this seriously or personally. This game will be only for our 16+ Users. The game involves a lot of horror/blood and gore so if that is something that you’d prefer not to read about, please do not join. We will have larger, more 13+ rps that are not as violent in the future. 

In the event you do not have a Cloki and still wish to play, there is a Cloki named [Zofä] who is an NPC with randomly selected stats that you can RP as any Gender. You are only borrowing this NPC and can only do so once a month. The NPC can only be used once per game. You can view them and their stats in the sheet area. You cannot change the, design,traits,or stats you only pick Gender and personality so please keep that in mind.


How to Play?

You will need to pick a Cloki or Clokies you’d like to use in this game. Each player gets (30) points to put into three stats. Intelligence, dexterity and strength. You will get a (TYPE MODIFIER) based on the Cloki you pick. These stats will be used in Skill checks. Skill checks are based on how hard a task is to do. Along with your skill points you will roll a 20 Sided Dice using this command (>roll 20 ) to add to your luck on successfully completing the task at hand. You can use the chart below as a reference: 


Skills: Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity.

Type Modifier: Please add these to your total to make it easier on the DM. Do not do [Example: DEX: 10 +2] do [DEX: 12] 

Blemished/Tarnished Clokies:: +2 to DEX
Normal Clokies:: +2 STG
Blessed Clokies:: +2 to INT


Points to Spend: 30



0 = Very Easy

5 = Easy

10 = Average

15 = Tough

20 = Challenging

25 = Formidable

Highest Dice = 1d20

Stat Modifiers During Game:

[Roll+Modifier =]
[Example:: 10[Roll] + -5 [Modifier] = 0]

0-4::         -5
5-6::         -4
7-8::         -3
9-10::       -2
11-14::    +2
15-16::    +3
17-18::    +4
19-20+::  +5

Everyone playing starts with [80/80] Heath. That will go down if::
- You fail a roll and injure yourself.
- You take direct damage by a trap/monster/killer.
- You see something upsetting
- You stay in pitch black darkness for more than 2 turns.
- You are poisoned...etc.

* The DM or DM's helper will post all current debuffs/buffs/HP in the #tracker area. 

In the event you passed a stat check (but only just barely) and you were using the skill check for something like avoiding a trap/the Mœzak, there is a chance you are now stuck in the trap, losing a limb or something similar. In those cases your teammates will need to find you in a certain amount of rounds or you will perish.Losing 1-10 HP as each round goes on depending on the injury. Injuries like a missing limb,injured limb will permanently decrease your stats by 5-10 Points. Your teammates will need to save you in the correct way and also pass stat checks. You can try to help yourself, of course, but still suffer the stat penalty depending on the wound inflicted. 


Sessions will be played either Friday - Saturday - Sunday and the time/day will be voted on every Monday. We will need at least 4 players each week to play. If less than that sign up the night will be canceled and re-voted next week.

Sessions will be played either Friday - Saturday - Sunday and the time/day will be voted on every Monday. We will need at least 4 players each week to play. If less than that sign up the night will be canceled and re-voted next week.



- Please be quick to respond. This game is meant to be a little fast-paced so we ask that you not take longer than [4] minutes per post. Posts are not meant to be paragraphs in any way and we ask only for you to type as much as you truly need. [3] Sentences should be enough. This is not meant to be para, and is supposed to keep people on their feet so they can only do so many actions in one post. You are allowed to post more than [3] on your first intro post but after that we will start warning users who go over board.

- Keep in the post order so no one is quiet for too long, and everyone gets a chance. 

- There is a max limit of [8] Players per game. It is FCFS but if someone drops out you are welcome to ask for their spot. If you plan on dropping last minute do not comment in OOC chatter or general but DM Hina to let them know. If you are a killer a new killer will be placed.

- In the event it takes you longer than [4] minutes, We will skip you over and apply a debuff. If you don't post after [2] rounds we will remove you from game and strip you of any prizes unless an emergency arose. 

- If you need to brb we ask for you to keep it as short as possible and we will only hold for [10] minutes before skipping you and apply a debuff after [20] Minutes. After [40] Minutes we will remove you from game as the rule above states. Please DM the DM and tell them you are brb'ing so they know or they might miss it.

- We ask again to keep OOC chatter in the proper place, and to not break character. The map we provide is OOC knowledge and you cannot use it to your advantage. It's there to help you keep track of the layout you are currently in. Please don't resort to disruptive game play to get attention.

- The killer will be in contact with the DM's at all times to ensure a smooth gameplay. If you think you know who the killer is, do Not comment on it in OOC , if you think your Character will know who they are, please state so IC and give your reasoning's. A fun part of this game is voting and trying to out the killer to be rid of them, this can be done in a lot of ways and voting is one of the many. Please do not break character just to try to win, there is no fun in that.

- If you see a mod type [-] We ask that all posting stops while a DM decides something, or fixes a mistake. 


- Please post ALL questions about game in the #ask-a-DM area. You might be missed on OOC Chatter. Please do not fight with a mod, if I mod tells you to stop or to drop something do so.


Benefits of Playing

Each time you ‘win’ ( live or escape ) the game, you will get 250 Centhi. If you win as the killer you get 300 Centhi.

If you died but still played you still get 100 Centhi.

We also will randomly have art/MYO slot/Item prizes as well. 

Frequently asked questions

My Character is a Blessed Tarnished/Blemished do I get both Buffs?

No, We ask that you pick the one you’d prefer.

Do we wait for the DM to reply to a roll?


I want to play but don't have a Cloki ! What do I do?

We have a 'Blank' Cloki for players without Clokies to use. You can read move infomation on them above.

Can items on wings be used as weapons?

Yes. Hoever it doesn't grant you any buffs.

Can a 'killer' be picked back to back?

No, not unless something went wrong we try to make sure everyone has a chance.

I don't want to be the killer!

Sorry. That's the whole point of the game if your not interested in that role we suggest you bow out.

What font is used for the stat sheet?

Bahnschrift SemiBold Condensed

Find it here https://www.cufonfonts.com/font/bahnschrift

Group Rolls?

1. A character must call for help , only the people close to that character can hear said character.
2. Anyone nearby can reply to that call for help.
3. Rolls will be conbined. [Please note this doesn't mean an auto-win in any case.]

During any group rolls we will go out of order temporarily and regain order once it is done.