Kivuth (ke-vu-th) - Name meaning 'Bird of Pray' in the dead language 

Kivuth are a carnivorous bird-like species. Standing 5-6 feet tall with a 13-16 foot wingspan, these birds are quite the imposing predator. They have crowns of fluffy feathers about their skulls. These crowns are thicker on the males. This fluffy birds’ ability to molt their heavy feathers helps these creatures thrive in a variety of places, though it is uncommon to see them near the poles where the weather is typically freezing.


Their heads are adorned with large ears, which are constantly pivoting as they take in sounds around them. These birds are ariel hunters and rely on their auditory and olfactory senses to hunt, locking onto a sound or smell of beasts down below, then swooping in at top speeds to snag up their prey with their talons. These creatures are blind, lacking any functional orbital lobe. In the place of eyes, most Kivuth have a set of horns, though it is not uncommon to find a Kivuth with little tufts of feathers instead. Their tails are made up of light cloth that, just like most other familiars, their owners will decorate to match their own wings and sometimes place ornaments upon them.

They have a hard beak with an underlying row of teeth that have a impressive bite force, able to rip through bone and hard cartilage. The males of this species are more flamboyant in color as well as horns and feather crests; often flaring up their larger crests to get the female’s attention. They are solitary creatures and most often only meet up for mating purposes. Males will stay with the female and chicks until the chicks are old enough to start flying on their own. Once this milestone is met, mother and father will leave the nest and return to solitary life.  

Kivuth are often used as mail-carriers for those who do not like or do not wish to use magic to get a message to another. There are also a large variety of them owned just to send letters and other messages to Clokies in the area. While they can easily carry physical mail , Clokies will use magic to write simple messages or spells on their scroll-like tail to relay the information to the receiver. In some cases, this messaging system is used when information must be kept confidential. If these birds are intercepted by someone who is not the designated receiver of the message, then a decoy message will appear upon request. These familiars are very close to their Cloki counterparts and will fiercely protect them, always loyally watching overhead from the skies.


✦ DO NOT make a Kivuth unless you have permission via a MYO slot. 

✦ Do not use any bases / species for adoptables or for profit. 

✦ These bases are ONLY for Kivuth and NOT for any non-Kivuth species.

✦ Do not remove the watermark from these bases. 

✦ Credit must be given if used. 

✦ You CAN take Kivuth commissions on this bases. 

✦ Feel free to alter lines/edit as you like. ( However you cannot add new traits. Meaning you can edit the traits listed but you cannot edit them to the point you can no longer tell what the trait was and or you cannot add new traits. ) HOWEVER for these guys you CAN edit the tail ( make them shorter longer, changes designs etc..) The horns cannot be edited like this though.

✦ Do not sell the bases listed here, they are FREE. 

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