Child:: 1-100

They appear child-sized until age 100, then they start showing signs of aging. Their wings during this time are a solid color with flat un-cut ends.

Teen:: 100-800

Their bodies are developing into that of an adult throughout this period. Wings will not change color or design unless the Cloki practices magic on them. As young Cloki are still novices at this stage in life, this normally results in badly damaging their wings.

Adult:: 800+

At this time they are full-grown. Clokies at age 800 years or older will have gained enough magical experience to decorate their wings.


  • Clokies are called Clokits when they are under the age of 800 years (as both 'child' and 'teen').

  • Clokies stop physically aging at 800.


     Clokies are pseudo-immortal, meaning they cannot die of old age, but can be killed or die from injury or illness. Clokies are fairy kin, so they can use their magic to cure illness and injury when needed if given the opportunity. When death occurs, their body will decay like any other living creature's body would. If they are on the homeworld of Âthâw when they die, a celebration is held in their honor by their loved ones, in which their bodies are burned and their ashes are buried in the soil of the family homestead.