Senaœmuu     ( City Of Marble )

     This is the busiest of the Five Cities, and ruled over directly by the highest Elder. Large white marble walls surround the city in a dome of subtle light, and give the city an ethereal luminosity. Statue-riddled fountains are scattered about the streets and ornate designs are carved in swirling patterns along the walls. This city’s market is littered with luxury and magical items brought in from all the other cities in a central hub where all manner of business may take place. However, there is a divide in the city between Ochœ and normal Clokies. The Ochœ tend to live richer lifestyles here as they are considered to be the nobles of the city.


✦   Cities   



Jäthä ( Sand Sea )

     Out of all the major cities, this one is the brightest. Âthâw’s axis rotates in such a manner that this location is directly facing the sun for the longest amount of time comparative to any other land-based location on the planet. This extended time in direct sunlight leaves the city hot and dry. The Clokies that live here always have on protective eyewear as they work. Typically Clokies of this location have longer whiskers, larger ears and shorter wings as an evolutionary answer to the climate.Thanks to the nearby Mines, the city is a bustling place with a large open air market. 


Žiktchendlä  ( Creek Shrine )

     While not the largest city it is the most beautiful. Carefully built along and atop the cliff face of a large waterfall overlooking the sea. Its buildings and houses are lined with gold and blue, and decorated in ornate patterns. Paintings and statues litter halls and music fills the air. Clokies who exhibit water mutations or those who just enjoy the art of this stunning city come live here. It’s also known for its great hunting and fishing areas.



Uälakafelth   ( Nightfall Wood )

     A city nestled away in the deepest of forests on Âthâw. Built both down on the forest floor and scaling far up into the canopies of the ancient trees. It’s a stunning sight to behold. Centuries of time and wind working together has twisted the trees of this forest to interlock and block out what little light their star provides. Beneath the canopy, the city is lit up by floating lanterns. While still sporting ornate markings, much like the decor of other cities, the inhabitants of this location will carve in runes. These soft echos of magic aid in warding off threats that could lurk in the darkness. Typically Clokies of this location have larger eyes for more dynamic vision in the intense darkness, as well as longer tails and wings for balance in the twisting trees. The shops here cater towards stronger magic users, coincidentally a college is located here.


Suzehub  ( Iron Wall )

     A city known for its craftsmanship in iron and woodworking. The buildings and walls are made up of strong iron to keep the local animal life at bay. Most Clokies who stay here tend to be physically strong, and maybe not the best at magic. Typically Clokies of this area are of a more muscular build, smaller ears and little to no extravagantly designed wings or pendants as these could be detrimental while working around machinery and fire. The city is not as ornate as the other four but there is a rustic appeal in its design. Due to the location, this is the only port where outsiders can request to dock their ships, though these requests are usually denied.


✦   Temples  



Tohâ Munsâ  ( Snow Temple )

     This temple, covered in snow and ice, is used as a place of meditation to harness stronger magic by forcing Clokies to work in the extreme temperatures. A small town surrounds the Temple, though it’s mostly barren. The Clokies that reside here tend to be very soft-spoken and say more with their actions than their words. Their eyes may be open for extended periods of the day as it is so dim in this location. Their bodies have mostly adapted to the cold with a thick winter fluff. While most who dwell here are Blessed, there are some who travel here to study. Many students who seek out this Temple wish to strengthen their resolve as well as their magic.The Temple’s inner sanctum dips far into the ground and contains a large library of unique and hard-to-find tomes.


Woä Munsâ   ( Thunder Temple )

     This Temple has a few Blessed Clokies in it who help with the passing of seasons and storms. They do their best to protect cities and towns from the harsher elements of storms while trying to bring the much needed elements to those small towns and villages in dire straights. This type of magic is hard to control and all of the Blessed who reside here are appointed directly by an Elder. The temple itself is made of dark stone and is built high for better vantage points of the surrounding area. This Temple is more densely populated with a diverse array of Clokies. The more mild temperature is a lure for Clokies all across Athaw. Those who have not earned their way into the Temple yet reside in the surrounding city, waiting for when they may have a chance to prove they are worthy of entry.



Jätstä Munsâ   (Sacred Temple )

     A temple known by all Cloki to be cursed. Of the Three Temples, it is the largest, but it sits unused and in ruins. It is said that one of the first Elders ran the Temple before he disappeared and suddenly all contact with the Clokies who had lived in this cold land abruptly ceased. Built into a frozen mountainside, it overlooks a ruined town of shattered marble and stone. It feels more like a castle at the base of a forgotten kingdom, rather than a Temple. It is said to have treasure and rare spell tomes still hidden within its walls. Surrounding this skeleton of wealth, however, lies beastly things that not even the bravest of Clokies can handle. The Elders forbid anyone to enter the woods surrounding this fallen kingdom.

✦   Large Towns  


Žulänu  (Trade Road)

     A large village that started out as a simple stop on the road with a few trade merchants, but grew into a nice settlement over the years. This village is located in a quaint valley below a mountain, giving it a very scenic look. The town is full of shops with an open-air market. Wares from all over Âthâw are sold here. Clokies that reside here are mostly merchants of some sort, or tavern workers. During the days it's a very busy and bustling local, attracting a steady stream of travelers lured in with promise of trinkets the world over, but promise of such things also attracts a lot of thieves.





Fäbœ Nuthaj  (Tower Of Stone)

     A village most easily identified by its tall tower made of stone. The tower was initially erected as a Temple, but it fell into ruin after the first set of Elders disbanded many millennia ago. Small kits in the village claim this tower is haunted, but the crumbling building lies empty and most don't venture into it. The surrounding village is known for growing all sorts of fruits and vegetables. The Clokies here do not often use magic to influence their crops and prefer to let things grow naturally; claiming it makes the food taste better. They are welcoming and kind to everyone who passes through their town, often hiring outsider Clokies from the Cities to come help them harvest during the Fete Of Decay, and to help them plant the new crops during the Fete of Awakening. Simple and wholesome, these Clokies are set in their ways and don’t care much for the hustle and bustle of the larger cities, be it regarding politics, over-use of magic, or the over-elaborate wing decorations from the city folk.




Dimik   (Winter Castle)

     A simple but large village nestled high in the mountains lies covered in frost and snow. The Clokies here live in houses made of stone infused with magic to keep the insides warm, while battling the elements outside. These Clokies feature small ears and thick, permanent winter coats as a result from the frigid temperatures. Residents here have a few traditions and superstitions that are unique to only their clan. They tend to keep to themselves and have, like many other large settlements, their own structure of Nobility that they turn to for guidelines and laws. The current ruler is a young Cloki who is known to be outwardly hostile to those who do not follow his or the Elder’s laws. Not many venture here unless lost and seeking some form of shelter, though most who wander into the territory do not survive the encounter.




Žäboz Hœj  (Diamond Mine)

     Much like Yâwang, this village is very hot and covered in sand. Clokies here have thinner fur and longer ears to help with temperature regulation. The village developed rather quickly after precious gems and diamonds were unearthed from the mining caverns. While technically a village, the majority of Clokies that inhabit this area are simple miners and their families. The digging crew use their magic to reinforce structure within the caves so that they can carve deep into the rock without the fear of destabilizing the earth and risking collapse. Cave-ins are not the only thing that the workers fear, however. There are creatures that dwell deep in the darkness, whose cries ring out in protest when the miners delve too closely to their hoard.

✦  Other Places of interest  


Ämag Thufadoi  (Withered Ruins)

     This expansive area is known to many Cloki as a cursed land. Beneath the thick jungle top there is a swampland. There are  rumours of a village among the tops of the trees, inhabited by a wild clan of Tarnished and Blemished outlaws. If threat of these criminals were not enough to keep all civilized Cloki away, there are mentions of a pack of beasts that hunt within and around this jungle. Clokies don't normally wander too close unless looking for something in the trees. There will always be adventurous Cloki who thirst for the rumored treasure; stolen away by the bandit outlaws. There is a nursery rhyme for kits that mentions to be wary when the jungle’s treetops start to drum with the hooves of the outlaws, hold fast to sleep lest the bandits come to steal a kit away from their safe bed. Of course it’s just a simple story to make kits go to bed early. Surely….



Fuœ Hetwœfado   (Lake Of Fire)

     These lakes gets their name for the deep red color of their water. The creatures living in the lake blend so well with the surrounding water, most cannot spot the animal until it has returned to the depths and all that remains is a ripple on the surface. Even though the earth around the lake is hard and cold, the long, frozen nights do not affect the bursts of blue and white flowers that bloom from the inexplicably warm soil along the lakes’ edge. Once upon a time, this area hosted a small village whose inhabitants used these flowers for their magic and potions. The village, however, was said to have died out once of the Elder who governed the Sacred Temple disappeared. This area is now expressly forbidden for Clokies to explore as it is too near the cursed realm of the Sacred Temple. It is rumored that there are still those who lurk here in the shadows of the former village, living ghostly lives, devoid of warmth and magic.


Teuth Mâmeg     (Green Death)

     One wouldn't be wrong in thinking that “Green Death,” feels a misleading title for this location. To anyone giving the land a quick once-over, it looks every bit a picturesque meadow; forever cloaked in Spring - trapped beneath a thin layer of ice. This ‘meadow’ appears quite literally frozen in time. Many rare beasts roam the land making this place feel... magical, special somehow. However, stepping foot into the area provides an explanation for its name; the green grass of the meadow gives way beneath the thin layer of ice to plunge an unfortunate soul into a thick marsh that holds onto its victims and releases a toxic fume if inhaled. If the fumes don't get you, the monsters that lurk here will.



Jachâ Sœs  (Mountain of Flame)

     This volcano, positioned between two great lakes, is the largest in all of Athaw. While smoke billows from its mouth, it hasn't erupted in centuries. Ash litters the surrounding terrain and the coats the surface of the lakes. These massive bodies of water are warmed by the volcanic heat, too hot for many plants or animals to live in, but not so hot as to frighten away a Cloki in need of a good soak. This is a common traveling destination for Clokies wanting to enjoy a hot springs experience. Pop-up resorts come and go here, entrepreneurs who want to make a quick coin off the experience-seeking tourists flock to this location but often leave after raking in their small fortunes when the heat becomes too great.