Magical Energy 

     Clokies are all magically adept creatures. While some are inherently stronger than others, all Cloki kind can do quite a bit of magic. You may compare their stores of magic to a battery. On a full charge, they can accomplish great feats. However, once drained the Cloki need to consume other forms of energy to replenish the energy they spent.

     This ranges from consuming actual food to feeding off the life-force of plants or other living beings. Food sources only provide a little bit of energy for a short amount of time, which means they need to eat quite a lot very often. Draining from plants or other living creatures gives them more energy. This is normally a Symbiotic relationship. With plants, they will often take time to create larger gardens and will only drain a little from each plant while giving back by spreading seeds and pollen.

     For humanoids, Clokies will seek them out to do small favors in exchange for some of their energy. Depending on how much the Cloki takes, the creature normally feels little to no effect of the loss. Sometimes it can cause symptoms akin to feeling lightheaded, dizziness, drowsiness, blurred version and migraines. In the worst cases, if the Cloki drains too much, the effects could be passing out for sometimes days to weeks at a time, or even the death of the host. Sometimes Clokies will take on a sort of life-force bank or a host for a long period of time. Due to this, they make great familiars for magic users.



     Clokies who lack skill spell-craft may excel in potion making. Potions have a wide range of use and complexity; from simply providing a simple boost of energy, to restoring a Cloki's wing back to their original base state in order to be decorated anew. Because of this potions are in high demand.  


     Spells are a normal part of a Cloki's everyday life. While small magical feats may be preformed without a spell, more complex tasks will require proficiency in specific spells. This means that a lot of Clokies will carry around books or decorate their wings with the spells they need the most. Recalling a spell incorrectly can lead to devastating results. Cloki magic often appears as runes and magic circles.


Blood Magic


     Only Clokies with high levels of magic, who have either been given explicit permission from the Elders, or those who have stolen the knowledge, can experiment in the

dangerous craft of 'Blood' magic.


While most spells must be spoken or written in the air for full effects, Blood magic utilizes only the writing element and takes it a step further. It requires the caster to use their own blood to write out a spell, in full, before it’s magic can be utilized.


This magic is dark and requires a Cloki who can handle the toll it costs; using a spell like this drains a Cloki of their energy and will always result in the Cloki being weak and potentially losing consciousness for days at a time in order to regain their energy.


Using this form of magic makes the spell even stronger than before. This type of magic is typically only used in a high-stress situations in cases of emergency or last resort. Star pupils have lost their lives when attempting this type of magic while either unprepared for the toll or attempting this magic before they were strong enough to handle the drain of energy.