✦ Rules ✦

✦ Please make sure to read my Adopt TOS ::www.kitpaii.com/tos - As you will need to follow it.

✦ You must be either a member of our discord server or a member of the group. A watcher alone is not enough. 

✦ You Cannot sell/trade/gift your free MYO slots. If you want to sell/gift a discounted slot please contact the DA Group before doing so. Discount slots Cannot be traded.

✦ We require all people getting/buying a MYO slot to be 13+ in age.

✦ Do not copy/trace/steal someone's designs/art to make a MYO. Please do not base your Cloki on a canon character. However fandom-inspired wing designs are allowed. Just please do not copy a canon character just to make it a Cloki. We will turn away anyone submitting a design that looks too close to a canon character's design. 

✦ We do not offer refunds; any charge-backs will result in you being added to a Blacklist and the slot voided. 

✦ All purchases must be paid within 24 hours after confirmation/ the invoice being sent.

✦ Do Not upload your MYO design until receiving an approval confirmation from the DA mods. 

✦ Have any questions regarding edits or other MYO related questions? Please view our F.A.Q., if you do not find the answers to your questions there, Note the DA Group or message the #Questions-and-Suggestions, or the #Myo-Wips channels in the Discord Server. 

Free MYO Event Rules [Extra]: 

✦ Free MYO slots must be done in a month and can only have Common traits. Discount slots can be used whenever the user is ready. 

✦ Extra Rules/guideline's to be aware of:

Unique traits: poodle fluff, paw wings, no-fur , headless and all four limbs being fake are all traits that cannot be used in MYO's. No mater the rarity, they are not one off's but are most likely not going to be used more than twice.

✦ Colored 'ink' on Blemished/Tarnished. Is not allowed at all. No exceptions. 

✦ Please do not try to make one trait look like a higher trait. 

✦ If you have a MYO slot that allows Rare/Ultra Rare you cannot use that rarity to get a Blemished/Tarnished Cloki. The only way to get a Blem/Tarn MYO is with permission from Kitpaii and/or a BOC item. 

✦ Trading/Selling MYO Slots:

✦ If you want to sell a MYO slot please message the group or an owner/Co-owner ( Kitpaii, Tetsumiro, Sweetseapancake. ) Once sold both you and the new owner will need to either message us or the group, to confirm with us that the MYO was sold. 

✦ You cannot trade/voucher a MYO slot without strict permission from Kitpaii. 

✦ If the MYO slot was a raffle/free/gifted you cannot sell or trade it. You may turn it in to the item-trader but otherwise we ask for you to re-gift it if you no longer want it.