Clokies are normally born on the home-world of Âthâw. They are very versatile creatures; they tend to learn new languages quickly and adapt to the new cultures easily, these skills come in handy when many adult Clokies leave Âthâw on adventures. This sense of adventure is a powerful driving force to many Clokits as they develop into adulthood, though the more stubborn Cloki will refuse to see the appeal in other worlds.


     Clokies who leave are always welcomed back home, as leaving is a common passage for those who are becoming adults. Some may never return, preferring the outside world. Some move back and forth many times over their lifespan, and of course there are those who just never venture off the planet. Those who never leave Âthâw, tend to be more set in the Cloki way and the longer they stay fixed in their home, the less wonderlust they feel.

     Clokies are fairly social creatures and enjoy one another's company. They hold Fetes, and other events to bring their community together. Due to their skill in magic,they tend to shun anything modern and enjoy keeping with their old ways and using magic versus modern electronics as forms of convenience.


Family   Dynamics    

     Clokies tie their wings to one another during their marriage ceremonies. The Cloki pair will stay like this for a full week before their bond is deemed official. If their partner isn't a Cloki, they will just tie their wings to their partner’s wrist. If by chance their wings are too small to tie to their partner, they will use a silk cloth to bind their wrists together instead.

Clokies live in similar social structures as humans and have human-like family groups.

They reproduce like any mammal. Typically a mother Cloki will only have one or two Clokit in their lifetime.

Daily   Lives    

     Clokies act as a balancing force in nature, though they are capable of breaking this role. Much like any race of fairies, they are often used to aid those who use magic (Mages and so on.) Sometimes they will act as guides, they can also be found in forests helping the forest flora and fauna. Their magic is that of a give-and-take ones, symbiotic, partnership with the world. 

     The Elders rule over the planet and act as the ultimate caretakers of the creatures and Clokies on it. The Elders emphasis staying 'pure,' fearing that any gambling, drinking or anything of the sort will lead to Tarnishing. While taking part in any of these actions has not been proven to have any link with Tarnishing, the Elders have outlawed it fully. This has led to Clokies sneaking objects like electronics and foreign currencies into the world, as well as develop a secret underground Casino.