'Tarnished' Clokies are infected with a parasitic disease. These Clokies are not quite sane due to to the disease affecting them. With the disease comes a lack of mental control; the Tarnished tend to keep all scars and damage to their wings rather than instictually trying to fix them. They will often drain life force without giving back; leaving things dead and decayed in their wake.

     While no one is sure where the parasite came from, rumors have it that a human initially brought this curse upon them. The parasite goes by many names, though most commonly it is referred to as the 'Agraphum' or 'fothâ'. Very little is known about; it or at least if it is, it is not public knowledge.There are whispers that the parasite speaks to its victim convincing them to do horrid things.


     Tarnishing happens in a matter of months. If the parasite cannot manage to fully change a Cloki, the Cloki will be stuck in a half-way point called 'Blemished'. This is due to the body killing off the parasite before it finishes it's job. Blemished Clokies will often sport many of the same traits as fully-tarnished Clokies, a key difference being they have a more sound hold on their mental stability. (Though this varies from Cloki to Cloki.)


     The parasite also changes the physical appearance of the Cloki it infects. This includes but isn't limited to, mutating paws into hooves, the growing of multiple tails, elongating claws and teeth, blackened blood, the formation of black tendrils from the body, and colored sclera. All infected Clokies have a 'Blemish' somewhere on their bodies, this inky blotch may be small or large. It's normally a dark-to-black color and will show even through the fur. In some severe cases, the blemish will drip an inky fluid that's slick like oil.


     Typically, once a Cloki starts displaying signs of Blemish, they will be outcasted. Even once well-respected Cloki will no longer be allowed in cities on the Cloki home-world if they have begun displaying these signs. There are rumors that a group of Tarnished and Blemished Clokies have created a town of their own, though this has not been confirmed. Clokies often throw the word zäminœ around as an insult to other Clokies. It's a slang word for Tarnished, 'tarny'. Its use is frowned upon in normal company.


     The elders push the idea that Tarnished Clokies are created by indulging oneself in Gambling, Alcohol, and other such 'impure' acts. Parents will tell scary stories of Tarnished Clokies at bedtime in a similar attempt to scare their kits into being well-behaved.


Blemished                                                                            Tarnished

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