Âthâw is a small planet isolated from other planets and life forms. It’s very Earth-like in its land, featuring everything from dense jungles to dusty deserts. Much like Earth, one creature rises above the rest; on  Âthâw this species is the Clokies. 

      Âthâw is covered in darkness, as it is the outermost planet from the star in its system. However, the species that inhabit this planet, including Clokies, have adapted to such dim lighting. Most of the creatures living on  thâw have evolved to have no eyes, and their other senses give them what they need to survive. Other species have evolved in the reverse; developing larger eyes that can see well in such darkness. Clokies suffer from light- sensitivity, often covering their eyes with blindfolds during the hours where light would shine on the planet. Despite this, with the help of magic, their wings and whiskers, are able to “see” their surroundings.

     Clokies have settled far and wide across their planet in small towns, mining villages, farming communities and temple grounds. The most populated areas consist of the Five Cities headed by one representative of the Elders. 

     Every populated area of the planet is governed by the Elders and what they command is law. The two most stringent of their commands are the exclusion of outsiders and zero-tolerance for electronic devices. Outsiders who come to this planet are most often turned away. There is only one port on the planet that they are allowed to dock ships upon, and even then, getting there is extremely difficult. While no electronics are allowed this doesn’t stop certain Clokies from sneaking these items in.